I am on my way to the pokey.

At least that is what the recorded voice said. I only got part of it because the recorded voice was talking over my recorded voice and didn’t wait for the beep.

Apparently, I need to surrender to a Federal Magistrate because a Grand Jury investigating criminal activity has found just cause. Oh, and ignoring the telephoned message will result in additional charges.

If my attorney (do normal people have one at beck and call?) or I don’t call [telephone number redacted] then the voice says it wishes me lots of luck as I am going to need it.

I think they are here . . .


Where refugees will be resettled.

If you are within a 100 miles of these centers you can expect to see some new kids on the block. The legend is a list of NGO’s that are seeing that the refugees will be happy. This is all controlled by yet another Department of State entity, The Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration.Affiliate Sites I know. My eyes are not that good either. Please click the image for a larger version.