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The spare tire on the Sprinter is normally Tire carrierbehind the rear axle in a rack hanging from the bottom of the cargo compartment. Many spares are stored like this but have you ever had to get one out?

Carried underneath, not only does the spare get filthy, but for most the air pressure never gets checked.

I decided it was time to put the spare on a rack. The pro’s are it is now easy to get to and in the space where the spare was carried I can put a larger, easier The latchto drain, grey water tank. The con (there may be more I have yet to find) is that now if our bus gets bumped from the rear spare high, it will take out the left rear door and probably a lot more.

I drove to Sportsmobile in Fresno and spent the day in their office while the work was done. Another SMB family, Ray and Ruby from Long Beach, where there having some fine tuning done to their rig. What a beautiful, with a capital B, set-up they have!

The rack is quite solid. I am not sure if Aluminess makes it but it looks like their work. The tire swings out about 120 degrees so you can still open the door quite wide. Latch close-upThe latch has a 2-click lock but so far I can’t figure out how to additionally secure it with a lock. I worry it might come unlatched and swing out while moving down the road.

The latch is opened by pressing down on either of the two levers shown here. And you don’t need to press down much – they unlatch the carrier with only about an 1/8″ of travel. As you can see, they have holes in them but for what purpose? Anyone have a tire rack like this?

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