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Springtime modifications – its the rain’s fault

Sitting here day after day counting raindrops gives you lots of time for thinking of modifications to do on your Sprinter configeration. I think we all do them. Winnebago owners, Country Coach, Sports Mobile – everyone wants to put their mark on their RV. The problem is, the longer it rains, the more ideas come to mind and pretty soon you are thinking of big changes!

First let me say Sportsmobile does an excellent job in building out the Sprinter. I got just what I designed and everything works great. Alan, from Sportsmobile, told me that by the time I did my third build, I would have everything perfect. I think he has it right. Since my next one is not scheduled until the 2016 model, I’ll have to make some corrections as I go along and who ever ends up with my current Sprinter will get a perfect one!

Currently on the driver’s side of the Sprinter I have me, fuel tank, water tank, propane tank, black water tank, spare tire, my AGM battery, Suburban heater and all of the electrical. I have had no problems with this arrangement but I think redistributing some of the weight cannot be bad. That is one reason for the modifications I want to make. Also I find the Suburban heater, while definitely keeping us warm, uses more electricity than I want to use – another reason for modification. Lastly, although we designed it without an air conditioner, and have done fine without one, the fact that some of the grand kids now live in Arizona, makes us rethink that design decision.

What is planned then, is to drop the propane tank totally along with the Suburban heater and the propane connections to the stove-top. I will add an Espar D2 heater and a Danhard A/C on the passenger side. I plan to replumb the stove to use propane cannisters. I will end up with some additional storage under the gaucho and take a little away on the galley side plus a more effiecient (diesel fueled) heater, air conditioning and a little better load balance.