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Lowering the navigator’s seat

Small riser.

I had noticed my wife’s feet did not hit the floor when occupying the navigator’s seat so I ordered a smaller seat base. The part is 68010943AA SOB Riser. It arrives black and normally would need to be painted to match the one under the driver’s seat.

Both seat bases.

It is 3" shorter than the original. I really only needed 1" shorter but there was only one choice. I may end up taking it out and going back to the taller because at this point I am not sure my wife likes it. It definitely drops her down!

Ready, set, go.

The seat base is very easy to change out with one exception that hopefully you will not have to deal with if you do this.

The seat is fastened to the base with 4 bolts, washers, and one wire (if you have a heated seat from Sportsmobile) that is easily disconnected.

Now the base. Disconnect the bolts found in each corner by swiveling the seat slightly to get to each on. Then get into the Sprinter and lift the seat off. Next remove the 4 bolts holding the base into place.
Removing floor pad. To remove the rear bolts you will need to pop out the insulation pad that is under the rear of the base. In the Sportsmobile, I had to pull the metal strip up to get to the pad.
All the parts removed. Now you are ready to reverse course and install your new base. This should be real easy but for me, the right rear bolt on the seat, did not want to screw in correctly. The seat belt is anchored to this same point and the bolt holding the belt was too long.

Why it worked on the original and not on the exact patterned replacement can only be answered by the term, just my luck. It took me a couple of hours to get by this problem.

This project is a little costly. Riser $130-$160, paint by body shop $100-$200.